Nordictrack C990

So my son has deleted iFIT app from my treadmill and now I only have the android screen and none of the functions will work. I'm guessing I need to reinstall the software and have no idea how? I keep reading that I should try a factory reset and it asks me to find the reset button and use a paperclip, the problem is that I can't find it? The only reset is the rocker switch where the power cable enters the treadmill. It says off and reset. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thank you


  • There is no reset on this machine for the console. You'll have to reach out the manufacturer to see if they have a way to reinstall the app. Usually when this happens, the whole console is replaced.
  • Thanks for the reply, sounds like a potentially expensive job for just for a software install. I'll contact Nordictrack and see if they can help me out.
  • how did you go with the software ?
  • I ended up ordering a micro sim from the states. Cost me a fortune for delivery which took 3 weeks! All working fine now though :-)
  • That's great. I've seen a lot of people try this with no luck.
  • Hi there. Hope you all can help. First thanks to KevinC I can stop looking for that pinhole. The other day my c990 got stuck in the ifit screen loop. In the space between the loops I managed to uninstall ifit, thinking that I could reinstall it later. Now I just have the android tablet screen. Where did you get the micro sim from? Where is the micro sim slot on the C990? The manual is absolutely no help. Any help from y'all would be great!
  • Not all have that slot. Some use a USB too. Does this machine connect to wifi?
  • Yes, it has bluetooth and and aux input. I can get on the internet, but can't do much with ifit this way. It's always been a bit glitchy and we just got a walk in Istanbul for the last several years and of course, manual mode, which is all I want really. Thoughts?
  • turn off all the wifi and bluetooth devices nearby and then try rebooting it a couple times. I want to eliminate all possibilities of interference.
  • Sorry for the delay. Work has been crazy. Today I shut down all wifi possibilites, plugged it in and started it up. Same old, same old. Then I just turned it off and on and the incline adjusted all the way up and down, but just the same old android tablet. I think I am just going to have sit on the phone with someone at Nordic track//ifit and maybe get a new console? Anyway, that's my plan for this week. Thanks for your help.
  • good luck
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