Pacemaster Silver XT display not working

I have a Silver XT elliptical thats about 5-7 years old. It hasnt been used for a while, but I recently moved and have a good place to set it up. It was working before the move, but now I've put it all together in the new house and when I plug it in there is nothing on the display. Next to the electrical plug I see a red light which I'm assuming indicates that there is power. But the main display wont turn on.

I checked the chord connection points and they seem to be all secure. Is there anything else that can be done to get this turned on? I'm worried that it may have been damaged in the move, but I hope that isnt the case.



  • Found the cause.

    One of the cords behind the display had come unplugged. I had not initially checked here since this part was not taken apart during the move. I guess the move jostled the cord and it came off though.
  • I am glad you got it up and working. If you need anything just look us up.
  • I have the same one.. I lost de power supply ans I need to know the VCC and the Amperage on the power supply... Does anyone have the information please??
  • Looking into it and should have a answer in 24 hrs for you.
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