Some Horizon CT 5.2 membrane buttons don't work.

Hi. My Horizon CT 5.2 mill has those "membrane button" sets ( 1 to 10 ) on left and right for Speed / Incline and some of them have stopped working - eg, # 1,3,5,7,8 & 10 for Speed. Also the bigger green Up & Down buttons and the "Enter" and one or 2 of the center "touch-pad" membrane.
I carefully lifted the end of the membrane and found the good old "PC"-like wires...... I can't SEE anything wrong, and tried cleaning, but nothing works.
Any ideas I could try.....or do I just have to replace all the membranes? And are they even available still, and if so where?

Many thanks!


  • The membranes are available. They are 39.99 each for the left and right and 59.99 for the center. You'll have to call me to order them. 888-362-1105 x 330
  • Thanks for that Kevin. I'll double check which ones I need and then give you a call. I'm guessing then no "quick fix" for these chaps then?
  • no, they wear out over time
  • Ok, many thanks.
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