ProForm 620 PETL6201.0 belt&deck lubrication


I am owner of treadmill ProForm 620 PETL6201.0 and need advice. I wrote to Iconeurope but because treadmill is no longer on waranty (about 15 xD), they sent me back to look soultion on the internet by myself... There is a couple topics on forum refering to lubricating ProForm treadmill but I didn't found what type of deck structures treadmils in that topics had. For now my treadmill is in running condition, but after 30 min workout it gives off rubber like smell what worries me.

In the user manual I have found only information that definatelly I should not use silicone spray or "other substances". On I found that Performant Lube can create white powder dust. Because of it I think that belt has been factory covered with some kind of wax. I recently have applied a solid amount of silicone based lubricant and I am not satisfied with end effect. I read somwhere that sometimes the deck needs re-dressing its wax layer. In my treadmill the belt is sliding on some plastic foil which is laying on foam (probably it is the part of quietdeck system).

As I mentioned above belt is pressing directly to plastic foil. Between foil and deck thre is 3mm foam. Belt is made from pure rubber like material - no additional layers of any material. Connecting plastic foil and rubber with silicone/syntetic oil seems is not right to me. But using powdered wax/paraffin won't either :).

Does anyone has experience with such old treadmills? What is proper way to deal with it?

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  • replacing the belt is the best option. from there, just keep it lubricated.
  • Belt is in pretty good shape i think. With belt I probably should replace running deck also to be compatible with belt technology, what would be very expensive. To much for almost 20years old treadmill...

    There is no way to lubricate/wax current belt?
  • lubricating the belt is something that should be done every 6 months and you just lift the belt and lubricate in-between the belt and deck. the fact that there are fibers coming off the belt tells me I needs to be replaced.
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    I think I expressed myself wrong. As far as I know no fibers came off from belt. This type of belt probably never had them. For maintenance purpose I removed belt and dissasembled deck completly to clean it. No sing of fibers anywhere, neither on roller nor on bottom cover. I am pretty confident that I am the first one who disassembled it because plastic covers were stapled from factory.

    The thing is I dont have any experience with this type of sport equipment and after couple weeks of searching I gave up solving this problem by myself.

    And the true is I have nowhere seen this type of deck structure but they produced it and people were using it. I wanted to prepair it for using like factory did. Bellow some photos of deck and belt.
    - running deck.Under foam is raw board;
    Plastic foil is not scratched or teared. I think that proper "lubrication" should solve the problem. The question is how and what should I use? I am very confused.
    - internal belt side. In my opinion it is very decent condition.

    Do not know why these days they stopped producing this type of treadmill. Maybe foam in "quiet deck" system increases friction while running and is less efficient than laminated deck and belt with cotton like material? Or on the other hand this type - maintained properly - is to cheap in production and unbreakable?
  • we do have a padding and mylar kit for this one.
    Here is a code you can use on the checkout page for a 5% discount (5offkevin)
  • Thank you so much! I think this is the solution which I was looking for!
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