Nordic track SL728 recumbent bike issue

My sl728 recently had the bearings go bad (which I replaced) but now that I have the bike together again, I cannot keep it on a specific program. For instance, I will start pedaling to turn the bike on, then I will push a program button to start a 30 minute program and the console will display the start of the program. However, the console then shows the program stopping at 29:55 remaining. Has anybody experienced such a thing and if so could you explain your remedy? Thanks! The bike has been great and I don't like the idea of scrapping it if it can be repaired at a reasonable cost.


  • I would check down below inside bike and make sure your speed sensor is inline with the magnet when flywheel spins.
  • Thank you and great advice! I took the covers off the side and I now see that the magnet that attaches to the pulley is gone. I must have jarred it loose when I was trying to get the crank arms off. I cannot locate where it went though. Maybe nordictrack can find me a replacement.
  • we have them , they are $5.99 plus $6.99 shipping.
  • Found a 1/2 inch magnet in my wife's craft supplies which fits and the bike is now working great. Many thanks and good karma to you my friend!
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