Treadmill shuts down after 8 seconds

I have an old Freespirit made by Hebb Industries that I’m trying to save from the landfill. Normally when you press the start button, the treadmill moves slowly until you increase the speed. The problem now is that the belt doesn’t move at all, and then the unit shuts down after 8 seconds. The 90 volt motor works fine when hooked up to a 16 volt battery. I replaced the sensor and the lower control board, but the problem persists. On both the old and new control boards, the reading where the motor connects to the control board is only 3 volts, and doesn’t change even if you increase the speed on the console during the 8 seconds it remains on. Having replaced everything else, my assumption is that Display Board is malfunctioning because it’s not sending the correct voltage to the control board. Does that make sense?


  • Where did you get the sensor and lower board? They have been out of business for years. I would say the motor controller is the issue, not the upper board.
  • I got the brand new lower board from Fitness Boards Direct.
  • I would reach out to them and have them send another. What you are describing is a motor controller failure.
  • Kevin, I just wanted to thank you for your help. I sent the motor controller back to FBD, and they confirmed there was a bad solder. They sent me a replacement board which I installed yesterday. My old treadmill is now working fine. I appreciate your assistance.
  • Glad to hear it. Keep that walking belt lubricated. 9 times out of 10, a worn or dry walking belt causes increased friction which causes those boards to fail.
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