Nordick Track X7i Console screen does not start up

The console screen on my NordicTrack X7i is no longer turning on when I power up the treadmill and there seems to be no sign of life at all. None of the console pad buttons do anything and the thing just seems completely dead except for a low frequency slight pop noise from the speaker as I turn the main switch off. Prior to this, no problems for 11 years.

I have tried all the usual easy stuff like assuring the magnetic key is properly on, resetting the treadmill circuit breaker switch, unplugging from the wall for several minutes, holding down the speed up button and the stop button while inserting the operator key, checking the reed switch position, etc, etc with no change.

I have also checked for proper voltage to the control board, and then at the board's output to the console, then again at the console wiring harness connection, and at the power input port on the console screen - and that's all good. With the power to the control board switched on, there is one red LED on the board and I'm not sure if there's a meaning to that, but nothing else seems active at all.

Anyone had this problem before and figured out what the issue is?


  • actually, I've seen this many times. it's a software issue with the upper board and unfortunately, NT doesn't support it any more. The only way I can help is with our Treadmill Rescue Kit.
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