Nordic track C1750 jerks/bogs


I have a C1750 that has been running fine, but has recently started to slow or bog during operation.
Usually at slower speeds, as you are walking along, the belt slows dramatically for a second then comes back up. It is quite inconsistent when it happens too. I could be on there for 10 minutes and nothing happens, then for the next 3 minutes it happens ten times, then another 10 minutes with no issues at all.

I have:
- lubricated the walking belt
- perfomed coast test as described (belt stops almost immediately - foot that is down does not get a chance to come up - so less than 1 step)
- checked tension on the walking belt and the drive belt
- perfomed amperage testing at the motor.

Amperage test at 3 mph gives me 3.4 amps pretty consistently unloaded. While walking on the treadmill at 3 mph my amperage is anywhere from 6.9 amps up to 8 amps. When the issue occurs, the amperage actually drops down to about 5.6 amps.

I would think that if it was a worn walking belt, the increased friction would cause the amperage to go up when the event occurs, not down.

I feel there is an issue with the motet, but suspect I will be directed to replace the walking belt.

Thanks for your help!


  • check the voltage going to the motor as it slows down or bogs. if the voltage drops off, replace the controller. if the voltage stays the same but the belt slows, replace the motor. Amp draw seems ok. Here is a code you can use on the checkout page for a discount (5offkevin)
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