Which treadmill to buy?

I have built gym on 2nd floor. I am looking for a treadmill to walk and run.
Don’t need anything fancy but should be of good quality.
Don’t need big screen as putting TV on the wall in front of treadmill.
Don’t need subscription apps as will have smart tv and will download app of my choice whether it is peloton app (not looking to buy peloton tread - too expensive) or something different.
Don’t need Bluetooth as have AirPods or fan on treadmill.
Looking for good quality treadmill with incline. I am not tall with height under 5’6”
I hope I am not missing anything.
Appreciate your input as it’s confusing with so many brands and models. May be I can get a good deal on thanksgiving.
Thank You


  • I would look into Sole fitness treadmills, or depanding on your budget look into landice or true.
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