Treadmill VS Elliptical

Making decision to buy either a treadmill or elliptical to "frequently" (Every 45-minutes) escape from sitting at desk and taking 10-minute exercise breaks. I am 82, in good health, but I have bad over-sitting manifestations. My work requires sitting, unfortunately. The elliptical seems like the answer, but I would like your opinion on two things:

QUESTION: Treadmill or Elliptical? [$4-5K is OK, but only if needed.] Elliptical is low impact (not running, just walking) and it allows some upper body workout. Looking at LifeFitness E5 for tread setting (I and wife have different tread distances.); but only because an exercise equipment store suggests. Is this correct reasoning? Is Elliptical best Choice?

Another question: LifeFitness E5 does not allow incline settings! Is that feature needed or of great value, assuming cardiovascular is sufficiently achieved?

Please suggest a brand or model for in-home use, given willingness to spend $$ if cost-benefit good--but we very much like "quality"? Equipment weight and portability are not needed, but "nice to avoid/have". Thanks for your help!


  • Stride length is what I believe you are talking about. I think that is important if more than 1 user is using the machine. Especially, if one of you is considerably taller than the other. Incline settings will allow limited stride length adjustment but its only because you are setting the machine to act as if you're going up hill. it's not a true stride length adjustment. Sole fitness, True Fitness, Life fitness, Precor all make good machines each getting more expensive than the previous.
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