Bluetooth on 2015 NordicTrack ?


I just bought a 2015 NordicTrack Commercial 1750 Treadmill that has very low usage (85 hours) and it seems to be working with one issue. The model ID is NTL14115.1

The one issue is the machine doesn't recognize the bluetooth heart rate monitors I'm using. (Apple Watch running blue heart, ECHO or heartbeatz+dongle).

Is there a way to verify bluetooth is working on the machine?

I found a procedure to access the android settings and bluetooth appears disabled in Android.



  • When the console is connected to your wireless
    network, the WiFi menu option at the top of the
    screen will display the word CONNECTED.
  • Hi Admin-it,

    The WiFi console connection works well. I downloaded a firmware update and have played with ifit using it.

    Before spending money on a bluetooth heart rate monitor, I want to verify the machine's bluetooth is working. Is there a way to do that without buying an ifit heart rate monitor?

  • You can try to go into settings menu or maintenqnce menu
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