Is my motor dead?

Hi there,

I picked up a second hand Nordictrack t14.2 (admittedly, free). The motor is not running smoothly, constantly surging. We replaced the drive belt and mat, thinking it might be that. Alas, no. As you can see in the video here () it still surges when there is no friction from the mat (completely loose). It seems to run smoothly without the band attached, but with any friction on it the surges start. Is the motor just dead? Any suggestions to try?




  • Sounds like a motor issue. Do you have the complete model number its located on a sticker down on the frame close to the floor when you fold unit up. Also you can look under the hood cover and there is a piece of paper inside a envelope that has the model number on the paper.
  • Sorry for the delayed response! The model number is NETL17812.0
  • That motor is $319.99 plus shipping. To order please call me 888-362-1105 then enter Ext 331 and ask for Jim or
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