Pacemaster treadmill fluctuating at low and medium speeds

I have a Pacemaster Pro-plus, made around the year 2000 - 2004. At low speeds, the motor rhythmically slows down and then speeds up. It does this continuously. I was able to measure the current draw of the motor, and it fluctuated from about 0.5 to 5 amps. This behavior continued as I increased the speed from 2 mph to 6.5 mph. But as I increased it further, it seemed to fluctuate less. At around 7.5 mph, the current was much more steady, e.g., 3.5 amps +/- 0.5 amps. I then removed the pulley (the one that turns the treadmill walking/running belt) from the motor. I noticed the same behavior, although I did not measure the amps. The motor is made by Pacific Scientific, Model PWM3636-5250-7; 2.3 HP, 124VDC, 16.8 Amps. Any suggestions?


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