NordicTrack C1750 stops too aggressively

This is a new machine that i bought few months back. See this youtube video ""

I was running at 10 mile/hr and had to come to a stop in 3 or 4 steps after hitting the stop button. My head spins each time i hit the stop button and i get an headache. I complained and sent this video to NordicTrack, and the reply I got was, "it all looks normal to us".

Is this normal guys ? Anybody who has the same model has this problem ?


  • No, its not normal. Just so you know, Machine normal decel time is 6 seconds from full speed of 12 mile/hour. Mine decelerates in less than 3 seconds, and its very harmful. NordicTrack finally acknowledged the problem after posting it publically on Twitter, and they are replacing console and controller in my treadmill.
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