Horizon 7.0AT

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I’ve had my treadmill delivered and installed 3 days ago and it’s been making this rattling kind of noise from the very first use. The machine makes noise when walking at any speed - as soon as the machine starts running at 0.8km/hr and as I put my feet down it immediately makes a very audible noise - don’t know how to upload a video file here.

Even standing on step saddle and moving side to side gently while the machine is running makes the noise. The machine runs smooth and quiet when it’s not weight bearing. I’ve used a level to measure the level and it’s completely level. The machine is sitting on the floor solidly - timber flooring with basement underneath but with a few big steel frames under the floor that makes you feel like you’re standing on concrete floor with no hollow feeling under your feet. There is no noise inclining or declining the running deck as well as when speeding up and down, when not weight bearing.

Any idea what it might be? The retailer gave me a link to report to manufacturer but there is a fee if it’s not a manufacturing fault. Thanks for the help.


  • Sounds like its in the incline rack assembly that supports treadmill, You can try to lube the pivot points on the incline frame itself and see if that helps.
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