Nordic Track Audio Slider 990 NTEL7906 . Extremely hard to pedal after replacing belt.

I have an old Nordic Track Audio Slider 990 NTEL7906 . 3 and just replaced the belt since the old one had stretched out and could not get enough traction to make it work.

I replaced with the proper sized belt from Treadmill Dr. but finding that its extremely hard to pedal now. There are two pulleys, the main one and then a rubber one which I believe I have put the belt on correctly. I checked the belt tension and it seems fine. I have no idea what is causing this issue and wondering if its something else now.

1. Just to make sure could you advise the proper way the belt should wrap around the pulleys to make sure I did it right?
2, Any other things i need to look at and check out that could be causing the issue?
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