Need part for Smooth Agile DMT X2i

Need the “limit collar” that goes on the resistance motor - it’s a small plastic piece that has a set screw in it.
Does ANYONE know where parts for this old (2012) machine are located? Any help would be appreciated.


  • We have sold out of all those old smooth parts. Sorry
  • I expected as much. I’m hoping that someone else might see this and know of a source. I also may try to superglue it before I trash the treadmill. Without the part working properly the elliptical PAUSES every 30 seconds. I can still use it manually, but I have to hit every 30 seconds.
  • Calibration for the & DMTX2i Resistance Motor

    This should solve the 30 second pause issue in unit

    1. Please remove the right side pedal arm, the teardrop cover, and the white disc.
    2. Then, loosen the set screw on the limit collar of the resistance motor.
    3. Slide it all the way up.
    4. Power off, then on and then set the collar to 1.25 inches from the top of the collar to the center of the magnet bracket holes.
    5. If there isn’t enough room on the shaft to get 1.25 inches, set it at 1.00 inches and power off and then back on. Set to 1.25 inches.
    6. Tighten set screw. Then test unit… press start and spin the crank… watch console to see if rpm’s are present
  • Thank you admin-it. I was following those exact procedures which I found on your AWESOME web site when I discovered the collar was cracked. This is a fantastic site!
  • Try gluing the collar with super glue.
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