Black dust, something rubbing, Stripped front roller? Treadmill c 2000 nordic track bogging down

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Treadmill has new belt, but still “bogging down” while running/walking on it. When inspecting belt and front roller, I noticed a lot of black powder coming off something. Now I believe it’s from roller? Roller itself is black, but the end part where belt attaches, the shiny metal is visible. I need to know why it is happening?? There’s nothing rubbing at that spot, but clearly, black covering is off there to a bare metal.
Please help.


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    Photos treadmill problems. Lots of black powder / dust . Only one side of roller is stripped . What causing it? Running belt is new.
  • Sounds like maybe the front pulley has broken loose,causing walking and drive belt to slip. Try doing a white test on front roller pulley
  • The line didn’t shift. I will try to replace motor belt for now, see if it helps
  • may need to tighten drive belt
  • I have a similar problem, I was wondering what the final fix was?
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