Sole F85 problems

I bought a used Sole F85 treadmill more than 5 years ago and had no problems until last year when it began to stop while I was in it. Thereafter there were intermittent issues like a flickering console until the belt would not run at all. I sprayed the sensor and motor/motherboard with air and that got it going temporarily but it now seems done. When I switch it on two green lights appear on the motherboard and that’s it. The console light also occasionally comes on of its own accord but the treadmill no longer works. Is it worth trying to fix?


  • Today the treadmill made a beeping noise and I was able to turn it on for a short while. Then it stopped, with the message LS1.
  • LS1 is a issue cause by a worn walking belt and overtime it will cause damage to the Motor controller.
  • Thanks for your reply. I’ve only had the LS1 message only after many months of other problems. Today the machine switched on and I heard the click afterwards but it was 30 minutes before it beeped. Then I got the LS1 message again.
  • I got it running again until it stopped at incline 8% with message software v10
  • Try Running unit without anyone on and see if unit will show a LS1, if it does not then you know you have a issue with friction which is caused by a worn out walking belt.
  • Thanks very much for this. Will try.
  • I lubricated the belt and I still get the same problem. I have to switch it on twice to get the click sound. 10-30 minutes later the console lights up partially and eventually I may get a beep. Rarely does the belt move. I don’t walk on it. I’m ready to throw this machine out as I think the problem may be expensive to fix rather than a minor electrical issue.
  • Sounds like you have a console issue going on.
  • Look up treadmill repair controller services, fixed capacitors for like 125 bucks.
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