Pacemaster Proelite Error code 22

The treadmill has been working great. While increasing speed during a run with incline at 5.0 the treadmill suddenly stopped . When it was turned back on all seemed fine when magnet was placed until the speed I tried to actually start the speed. Then it jerked slightly, stopped with error code 22 then continuous beeping. After unplugging and repeating it does the same thing. We have always serviced it ourselves and prefer to continue to do that. We replaced the motor about 5 years ago. Any ideas?


  • Err Code 22 - (Bad Scr) Indicates malfunction of the circuitry that controls motor speed.
    1. Bypass the wire harness between the control panel circuit board and the power supply circuit board with a spare wire harness. If the error is corrected, install the spare wire harness. If the error still occurs –
    2. Replace the power supply circuit board. In the unlikely event that this does not correct the error –
    3. Replace the drive motor.
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