NordicTrack 7100R NTTL2551.0 Sheet between walking belt and deck

I have an old NordicTrack 7100R NTTL2551.0 treadmill - original owner. My better half asked me to get it back in tip-top shape so I pulled the deck and walking belt. The belt is worn and the correct belt is available on this site - awesome!

However attached to the wooden deck is some sort of "plastic sheet" that protects the belt from the deck - maybe some sort of large friction reduction layer. Well, due to a complete lack of maintenance (yes my fault) over the many years this has been in use, this "sheet" is completely missing from the middle section, with what looks like heat damage all around the edges - like burnt and bubbled plastic. Here is a link to the pics:

I have looked at the icon fitness parts for this exact model, that sheet does not show up. I also have the original manual, sure enough that sheet is also not there. This sheet actually wraps all around both sides with staple mounting on the underside and what looks like more plastic or teflon/silicon? strips at both ends of the deck to protect it was it wraps around the front/back.

Anyone have a clue what that material is - and how to replace it? I'm handy so pulling the staples holding that in place and replacing it with some material is something I am more than willing to do.

Thanks in advance! - J


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