nordic track 1750

HI everyone hoping to get a bit feedback and help.

My nordic track just out of warranty and started to make some noises..I adjusted the the belt and it has lessen it a bit but I heard a bit of clunk as well from the rear roller.

Notice now it drags now when I try to run on it it stalls or stops. Thanks in advance !!

Video below of the noise.


  • I would take hood cover off and look inside to see if drive belt is slipping and also check at the rear to see if one of the end caps where rear roller bolt goes threw may have cracked.
  • thanks I checked the and removed the hood cover off..the drive belt isn't slipping it seems staples and tight..I will double the check the rear roller bolt but didn't notice any damage..

    How could I tell the rear roller is bad?
  • here is a video with the cover off..thank you and really appreciate any feedback

  • sounds like a noisy motor.
  • It did to me too. I took off the drive belt and it doesn't make a noise then..but maybe its working too hard and doesn't work?
  • When you take the tension off drive motor the noise will sometimes go away.
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