ProForm 910 ZLT cushioning missing?

Few months back I have bought his treadmill from my brother who rarely used in last couple of years. At the beginning I was surprised how noisy it was with that banging sound each step when running but I understood it is not a commerial use machine so it may not be as good as gym equipment. I have ordered a specialist to come and check the machine and it turnes out the red cups of the "pro shox plus2" cushioning are empty while there should be some part responsible for actual shock absorption :D
The machine was never under any repair when my brother had it and it may turn out these parts were missing from the very beginning it was taken out of the box. My brother noticed the banging sound when using it but thought it is normal as "manufacturer would not forget of such important thing to be installed" :D
As this treadmill is several years old, proform technical support almost does not exist I am looking for a solution on how to fix it and make the machine more quiet.
Is this cushioning system possible to obtain somewhere in Europe? Should I simply look for some rubber elements to put in the cushioning system cups? Looking for some help on how to solve this


  • GM!

    If you have your complete model number we can find out if those are still available!

    The model number its located on a sticker down on the frame close to the floor when you fold unit up. Also you can look under the hood cover and there is a piece of paper inside a envelope that has the model number on the paper.
  • Sure, forgot about it in my original post:
    910 ZLT treadmill
  • This is what they should look like, and proform is out of stock of them at this time.
  • Thanks but this looks like a simple "cup". I have it installed but I think there should be something inside it to actually absorb vibrations :D
  • No actually not , thats the way it comes.
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