How to find brushes in treadmill motor (Proform PF 3.8)

My treadmill has been slowing down (a lot) and I'd like to check the motor brushes. Every video I have seen seems to suggest that treadmill motors have easily accessible brushes through ports on the side with removable covers. Mine does not (Model: Proform PF3.8, Motor P/N: 238787). Here are photos of the front and the back:

Any advice on where to find and how to access the brushed would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you.


  • hello!
    if there are no access plugs or covers, you will have to completely disassemble the motor to get to them. do you have your model number - I can look up a diagram for you!
  • Hi many thanks for taking the time to reply!
    The Label says Motor model A17280M051.
    If you could find a diagram that would be amazing.
    Thank you :)
  • hey! not the motor model - the treadmill model number
  • Ahh sorry, I'll find out what it is and get back to you!
  • sounds good! sorry we don't have a diagram of the motor!
  • Hi sorry I can only see Proform PF 3.8 on the machine. Don't worry about the diagram I'll just try and disassemble what I can see slowly. Many thanks for your help.
  • hey sorry - thought we answered earlier and just reread the whole thread!

    They are located on each side of motor, there is a little plastic door on each side and the brushes are inside there.
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