Nordictrack X11i running belt tracking

Need help with a tracking issue. Running belt tracks to the left toward the motor pulley at the rear of the machine. Tracking adjustments are on the front of the machine on the idler pulley. No matter how I adjust the idler pulley the belt wants to run to the left rear corner. I currently have the left side of the running belt noticeably tighter than the right and the rear of the belt still tracks left. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.



  • some treadmills have a stretch drive belt, as opposed to a drive belt that is tensioned by moving the motor or adjusting an idler.

    In this case you have to apply enough tension to the walking belt to keep the drive belt sufficiently tensioned and maintain the position of the drive roller in the bracket.

  • Thanks for the input. On the x11i drive belt is adjusted independently from the walking belt. This thing seems to defy all logic. I even got desperate enough to strip the machine back down and flip the belt over to see if the belt was somehow causing the issue, but it made no difference. Nothing I do will get it to track the other way and I have run out of ideas. Lookin for any suggestions!
  • please check out this link to help you adjust!
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