Sears 30517 same as horizon tm189

Starts. Display works. Five steps the fast beeps displays 600 on lh lower display. The stops. Tried new digital speed sensor and recalibrate. Will not complete calibration. Just stops and beeps after five steps
Reed switch gap is ⅛ and seems to test fine
Any ideas ?


  • If you have a digital console where you just press the buttons, the speed signal will go through the power board.
    Check the PWM light on the power board. If it is flickering, you know the console and harness are good.
    Check the wiring from the power board to the controller and if the wiring is good, you can jump the H and W pins on the power board.
    When you power it up, you should get SPD CTRL to light up on the controller and it should take off to full speed.
    If it doesn't you know you have a bad controller.
    If it does take off to full speed, you know you have a bad power board.
    If the PWM light is not flickering, check the wiring back to the console.
    If the wiring is good to the console, you have a bad console.
  • I did that and the console appears bad. It is discontinued sjed01193aa
    Original part # fitness repair parts lists it under a different number but it is also discontinued
  • Sorry can't help you.
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