NordickTrack T14 Question

Dear all
I hope you are all in good health and I was wondering if I can pick your brains and ask for some advice on how to get my NordicTrack T14 back on track!
My old treadmill was working just fine till it packed up one day mid November. I contacted several people in order to get it fixed and it all pointed to a faulty controller board. I sent the board away to be examined and it was, in fact, broken. When I got it back I got a note saying that the fault on the board could have originated from the motor itself. After some investigation online I got the idea that the motor could easily be tested with a 12 V power source and it was pretty much a question of if it runs, it's fine if it doesn't, it's broken.
I applied a 12-volt tension from a battery of an electrical drill and much to my joy the motor jumped to life straight away.

So, assuming that the motor was good, I put the oboardard back, connected everything and when switched on the treadmill worked straight away. HURRAH...

However, when I jumped on it for a run I noticed that the belt slowed down to a halt a mere few seconds into the run.

Going back to the internet search, I found out that a few things could be wrong starting with lubrication. The deck felt a tad dry so I poured loads of silicon oil to make sure it was well oiled. When I tried to run on the treadmill it felt slightly better but the belt again came to a halt. The next stop on the checklist was to test the tightness of the belt. I always felt that it was too stretched and given that the treadmill is in my conservatory which is quite cold I thought that it could have further tightened.
I released the pressure by slowly unscrewing the two screws at the back of the deck. The treadmill belt better and worked better but then again, at some point, it stops. I opened the hood, verified all connections as well as the drive belt and everything looks good so what on earth can it be????? Can it be JUST a case of the walking belt being too tight or too loose?
My next port of call will be the motor brushes but, at the end of the day, I could do as many checks as I like but before breaking down everything was working fine and had been the whole year up until then without any warning sign whatsoever.
Can anyone think of something that I might be missing? f it is a case of tightning/losing the belt is there any reference guide I can look at?
Many thanks for reading this and thank you in advance for any suggestions anyone might have.


  • Hey and great job on checking so far! what condition is the belt in? Have you ever replaced it?

    Can you run the treadmill for 30 minutes without anyone on it without it stopping?
  • HI admin-it.
    Belt looks in great shape as is the deck. Never been replaced as it looks absolutely great. I can do the 30 min test. In the meantime after a search on the net, I found out a few posts in which the lack of torque could be due to the motor brushes needing replacement. I took the brush out but when looking at it I have no idea if it is good or bad..... Further to that since brushes are quite inexpensive parts I thought that if I bought new ones I could always replace them and see if the problem goes away. Problem is that I have NO IDEA what brushes to buy and no one - including the manufacturer - give me a straight answer on it, I mean, what exactly to order. All I get is "out of stock" or " we only sell the whole motor". In the light of that, I will create a new discussion with the pictures of the brush hoping that someone can shed some light on it.
    Many Thanks
  • lol sounds like a manufacturer!

    Sorry to laugh but understandably they want to sell you expensive parts!

    I don't know if you saw this on our site but this explains how to test brushes:

    If you could give me your full model number I can let you know what brushes you need or you can call and talk to tech/sales at 800-750-4766 option 2
  • I saw on another post that you did this already!
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