Help needed: Cant get my belt to stay centered, belt bunched up

Hello, I recently bought a used treadmill and it needed some maintenance. One of the issues was that it was slipping, so after watching a youtube video I adjusted the rear bolts to tighten it and on I went. I guess I tighten one side slightly more than the other because the next time I used it, the belt bunched up in the middle. In order to fix that I loosened both back bolts to a point where I could move and flatten out the belt again. However now I'm having an issue getting both rear bolts to be at the exact same tightness so that the belt stays centered. When running the treadmill at .5km/hr for about 5 minutes, the belt is currently moving 1mm to the left.

Any advice on how I can line the two back bolts up again?

Thank you so much for your help!!


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