NordicTrack Elite 7700 - Treadmill Stops after about 1 mile

Good morning everyone! Treadmill Doctor kept on popping up as I was vigorously trying to "google" my way out of a treadmill that suddenly stops and I'm here asking for help.

I have a Nordictrack Elite 7700, had it since 2016 and just recently overlooked a letter asking if I would like to extend my labor warranty. I am still covered under parts but it's kind of tricky. So here's the story. Couple of months ago, my treadmill started acting funny, as I was putting in maybe 2-3 miles, the treadmill when cooling down at 3.5 speed, the belt would suddenly stop. The time and speed continued moving as if it was working but the belt would stop. As time progressed the treadmill started coming to a stop at an earlier time, went from 2.5 miles to stopping at 2 miles, then 1.5 miles until it got down to 1.20 miles. It runs great at 8 speed or 9 speed, I'm not an expert as to what "slipping" feels like but I haven't noticed anything funny on the belt.

I recently called Nordictrack who agreed to send me a new motor, free. Because I was out of warranty I was able to use my "self diagnose" card only once, after which they advised me I would have to request a tech, which runs 159$ plus travel expenses.

Any thoughts on what could be causing the treadmill to suddenly stop after light use? Any help would be appreciated, wouldn't want to order a brand new belt to find out it may have an easier way to trouble shoot and actually get to the bottom of it.


  • Sounds like a lack of lube under the walking belt, you should be lubing belt every 6 months. LUBE DECK
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