Finnlo Loxon stressless rear wheels not centered. Sliding off to the right

I've been using this elliptical for 4 years now and the rear wheel started to slide off. I don't know how to fix it and I tried everything except disassembling every screw.

This is how it should look like:

And here is after sliding off you see that the wheels slide to the right and are not centered

Here you can see what I'm talking. The disks marked in green slide off when I put any weight on the right pedal. The elliptical is still usable but I'm afraid the tear will destroy it even further.

I disassembled the pedals and almost everything but after removing the red bolt the wheels won't bulge. I also tried to make changes to the tension of the cable but it doesn't change a dime (the cable goes over the left wheel - the technical drawing is wrong, the yellow part should be on the right)

Even If I take the bolt, the screw will not move an inch.

Any help!?


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