missing power jack

NordicTrack Audiostrider 800. I want to use an AC adapter. On the rear or the console, there is a location that is labeled 6 volt regulated, but there is not a jack in the hole in the console to plug anything into, just a empty hole. Need some advice for this. I know I can purchase the AC adapter, but what about the part that goes in the console to plug the AC adapter into?


  • on certain Icon bikes and ellipticals they have incorporated the receptacle for the optional power supply in the console and the only way to find it is to remove the console and take the battery cover off and the power supply plugs into a receptacle where the batteries go. This is what Icon sent me.

    12. The Console (4) requires four D batteries (not included); alkaline batteries are recommended. Do not use old and new batteries together or alkaline, standard, and rechargeable batter- ies together. IMPORTANT: If the Console has been exposed to cold temperatures, allow it to warm to room temperature before insert- ing batteries. Otherwise, you may damage the console displays or other electronic components.

    Remove the screws and the battery cover from the back of the Console (4), insert batteries into the battery compartment, and then reattach the battery cover. Make sure to orient the batteries as shown by the diagrams inside the battery compartment.

    To purchase an optional power adapter, call the telephone number on the cover of this manual. To avoid damaging the console, use only a manufacturer-supplied regulated power adapter. Plug one end of the power adapter into the receptacle inside the battery compartment on the console and route the power adapter through the notch in the bat- tery cover; plug the other end into an outlet installed in accordance with all local codes and ordinances.

  • Hi, thank you for the help. I do not see a power jack connector in either battery compartment or inside the console. There is a 3 pin male connection on the board and it is labeled "Program Header". I have a new power jack harness, part# 247453. It has a male, 3 pin connector to plug onto something, but I am at a loss as to where.
  • If you look at the rear of ellpitical , at the bottom of the plastic housing you should see a little round port that the power pack plugs into.
  • That is the problem, in the plastic housing there is a empty hole where the port should be. I have a power port cable (part# 247453) that one end will go into the plastic housing, but I don’t know where the other end plugs into. It has a male 3 pin connector on one end of the cable and on the other end is the port that mounts into the plastic housing. I don’t know where the 3 pin male connector on one end of the power cable, plugs into.
  • DON'T HOLD IT AGAINST ME IF I'M INCORRECT But... Under the pull-out pin for 3 stage incline adjustment there is a plug that the power cord plugs into... I have the same empty hole behind my console too. I know for a fact there is NOTHING inside the console for a power supply the connect to. I hope this helps you!
  • Thank you
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