Nordictrack C 1070 Pro

Currently for sale for $899 from Sears with free shipping and installation.

I can't find any professional reviews on this treadmill. Is this a good deal? My max budget is $1K after taxes+installation and this appears to be the best option available but the lack of reviews is making me nervous.


  • I sent an email to the doc and got a very helpful response that I thought I would share here.

    This looks like a model that was based off the runner up best buy C990 from 2017. Most of the time Nordic Track will change the console layout a little and rename a model for Sears. The motor and controller is the same as the C990. Warranty is the same also. They put a 18 inch belt on the C1070 instead of the usual 20 inch belt but overall the $100 off MSRP is not a bad deal. If there is anything else you have any questions about please let me know.
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