Treadmill works well at a walk, But not when I'm trucking!

Got a used treadmill from some friends of mine they bought new. Vision Fitness T9600. Works great at a walk which I have been at for about a month, little belt slip for a little but tightens up and works great. Need to adjust it a little more but ok. The Problem I have is I walked 3 miles and then I wanted to take it up to a jog/run. I had it about 5.6 going for about a 45 seconds and it just stopped. Did it 2 nights ago also. Walks fine at about 3.2 for an hour while watching TV but as soon as I get the speed up it shuts off. I haven't tried just starting at a run so I'm not sure. It kicks the breaker on the unit and the cord is warm, not hot, after an hour, the cord I understand. Oh and I am a big dude so I know I'm working it. 6' 325lbs. Something wrong or is it only made to walk for a guy my size. Is it yelling at me and telling me to get off fatty. Thanks for any help!


  • Sounds like the belt and deck needs to be lubricated.No waxing is required for the first year of use. After one year it is recommended to wax the deck once every 6 months.
    This will enhance the performance and life of the Treadmill. Weight can have an affect on how the wax wears on the
    deck. A heavier user (Example: 250 pounds and above) may need to wax more frequently. Also, running wears out
    wax faster than walking.
  • Thank you for the input I will look it up and give I a try.
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