Nordictrack A2350 Belt slips again!

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Hi and thank you for reading this.

I have a Nordictrack A2350 and the motor drive belt was slipping so I bought a new one and through a lot of pain and sweat I was able to change it and it worked..except a week later it's back to slipping. The geniuses at Nordictrack decided not to add a tension adjustment system so it is what it is. Is there a way to add a tension adjustment scheme? Is there a belt compound that will add traction? (I don't want to use car drive belt compounds yet).


Thank you!


PS I bought the belt from you guys over at Amazon, so I know it's a good belt.


  • Are you sure the drive belt is slipping and not the pulley on the front roller.
  • Yes I'm very sure...I will try tightening the 1/2 inch motor bolts maybe they're a little loose?
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