Stuck incline on Smooth Fitness 6.25 treadmill

After long-term storage and cross-country move, the treadmill deck won't seem to lower completely flat. I can raise and lower it with the incline buttons on the control panel but it won't lower to the fully flat position .. maybe about 1 level above flat.

I have the base apart and planned to follow the directions here:

.. but my circuit board does not match the picture and there is no button or any other obvious way to reset the incline on the circuit board itself.

Is there a button sequence to punch-in on the control board?

I see in another thread, admin-it offered to send a Smooth Fitness 9.45ST owner the service manual via email. Does treadmilldoctor/admin-it have the service manual for the 6.25 model?

Anyone help plz?

Thank you!


  • I email you directions.
  • Thank you admin-it. I will give the instructions a try.

    While I have it apart, I will clean & vacuum it out. It seriously needs it.

    This machine is over 10 years old. Is there any other basic maintenance I should do while I have it apart? (never been done before)

    Should the motor bearings be lubed? How-to?
  • No need to lube anything except the belt & deck.
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