I have a nordictrack viewpoint 2800 with incline issues

when we power up screen reads incline calibrate 0 and the incline will raise one step, stop, then do it again till it reaches max incline then it will continue to try to go up more. I have manually lowered the incline screw but it just does it again.
Any ideas?


  • I have replaced my MCB, this was suggested to be my problem from issues I was having. Incline at max height we held the stop speed up buttons till two beeps then pressed the incline button it lowered then raised back to max and stopped we then pressed the speed button and belt went to max speed, hit speed button again belt came to a stop we then pressed the stop button and removed the key. powered back up screen comes on we press start screen pops up in manual for very short time then goes back to logo screen then asks again to press start, goes to manual mode you can get belt to move for a second then quits and incline does not do anything. It just keeps repeating this process. Can you offer some suggestions?
  • We never see the screen you speak of in step two.
    Our screen flashes with the following:
    version 1.02 key code 2??
    max speed 12.0 pulse
    max incl. 12.0 checksum pass
    roller 1.9 xchecksum pass
    intercept 15 configured yes
    This just flashes up then goes to the following screen
    incline sensor 0
    current speed 0
    PWM 0

    This is where we press incline and the incline raises and lowers.
    Flashing between 0/1 lowers all the way down then comes all the way back to max incline. It reads incline sensor 0 after reaching max incline.
    Then we press the speed up to read 85 and it reads out 11.7/8, I press stop belt comes to stop the i press stop and remove the key.
    After this i look at the board and the light is on solid.
  • BE CAREFUL, THE TREADMILL WILL RUN AT FULL SPEED IN THIS NEXT MODE! DO NOT STAND ON THE WALKING BELT. Press the Speed Up key and hold it down until 85 is shown on screen.

    4) If the top speed of the treadmill does not match the displayed speed on the computer console, adjust the max speed potentiometer on the motor control board.

    5) The max speed potentiometer is a small silver square with a orange center and is located near the outside edge of the board and is labeled tach. Using a small insulated screwdriver adjust this potentiometer clockwise to speed up and counter-clockwise to slow down the max speed of the treadmill. A tiny turn of this potentiometer will make a big difference in speed so be careful when making adjustments.

    6) It is not important to get the speed set exactly at the max speed of the treadmill but do make sure to get the speed within .2 MPH of the max speed of the treadmill. For instance if the max speed of the treadmill is 10 MPH, make sure to have the speed set between 9.8 MPH and 10.2 MPH. Some models have a 12 MPH top speed, so please ask us if you aren't sure.
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