Nordictrack exp 1000x stopping/tripping breaker under heavier weights

So we just recently bought a lightly used nordictrack exp 1000x. For about a month it worked perfect. But in the last week it has been having problems when I run on it, but no problems when I walk or when my SO uses it. I'm guessing it has to do with weight differences as I'm 230lbs. The weight limit for the treadmill does say it holds up to 250lbs just fyi.

Anyway onto the problem. When I run either one of two things will happen: the belt will stop and immediately start running again as soon as I step off, or it will trip the 15amp breaker on the treadmill itself (not any of my house breakers).

I tried lubricating the belt and the belt was a bit loose so I tightened it but the problem still continues. The drive belt and the motor when I take the hood off look clean and new.

What should I try next? What could the potential problems be?


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