Constant failure of Sole F65! Did I buy a lemon?

I purchased a Sole F65 treadmill less than a year ago (in January 2018).

Unfortunately, since owning it, the unit has failed multiple times. The mode of failure is the same - after about 20 minutes of running at 6.5 mph, the unit suddenly turns off. The power is still on as the red light at the base next to the plug is on, but the unit no longer powers up. The first failure happened about 3-4 months after purchase. I was using it 7 days a week, 45 minutes a day.

The gentleman who sold it to me (who is affiliated with a local dealer but seems to be independent) has replaced some kind of circuit board multiple times under warranty for me. But each time the problem happens again. He initially thought it had to do with using an extension cord, but I stopped doing that after the first failure and the problem persisted.

This last time I made sure to plug it into a surge protector on a single outlet on a single circuit with nothing else using that circuit. But after several months of regular use again the same problem occurred.

Once again, I use the unit 45 minutes a day, 7 days a week. I run 6.5 mph for 30 minutes and then walk for 15 minutes. The failure always seems to occur about 20 minutes into my run at 6.5 mph.

I am running out of ideas. Is this a problem with the electrical system in my basement? Is it a problem with the treadmill itself?

I can't keep having the guy replace the circuit board every 3-4 months!

Any thoughts would be much appreciated!!


  • Maybe you should lube under the walking belt, may be build up to much friction causing motor controller to go bad.
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