Nordictrack X11i belt center issue

This is an incline trainer not a treadmill so I hope im posting in the correct location. I appreciate any advice given.

I purchased this online for $200 so I expected some issues. The belt adjustment in the front of the machine works great and everything is centered there. My issue is at the rear of the machine. The belt tracks to the runners left side only in the rear. The roller in the rear only has one adjustment screw on the left side and pivots from the right side. This adjustment screw also looks to be tensioning the drive belt. I have this tightened all the way (tightening the belt) which looks like the logical approach to move the belt back to the right (center). The belt is not really rubbing but very close. It basically is running on an angle which definitely is not right. Any thoughts?


  • The drive roller is not adjusted correctly and that's why belt runs on a angle.
  • The drive roller (left side) is adjusted as far as it can go to the rear of the machine. I would think that would force the belt to the runners right which is the direction it needs to go but im out of adjustment.

    Could the adjusting bolts in the front move the belt in the rear as well? From what I read those only adjust the belt position at the front of the machine. I cannot get this centered no matter what I do. Just thought there may be a trick to it.

    Thanks for the reply!!
  • something is not adjusted correctly or the bracket that holds roller at rear was welding not in correct location.
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