Nordic Track 2950 walking belt flapping noise

edited October 2018 in Treadmill Problems
My walking belt on this wonderful new Nordictrack 2950 makes a flapping noise - if I 'bounce' the walking belt with my fingers, the belt edges 'flap' like a rubber band against the deck. Walking Belt too tight perhaps? I can lift the edge of the belt about an inch or just a little more.

I get the same noise when I walk or run on it, but the machine is silent when I am not on it. Not a speed or incline issue either. Not much if any lube shine on my palm when I slide my palm under the belt and feel the deck either.


  • You should be able to lift edge of belt 2 to 3 " on each side, sound like belt was over tighten. You should lube deck every 6 months.
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