Promaster Proselect with Err Code 3 ???

My Promaster Proselect Treadmill was working fine, and I completed my workout; But neither the Stop or the Pause buttons would stop the machine, So I pulled the safety magnet and it stopped. Now when I power on and attach the safety magnet, I get err Code 3. Can anyone help me understand what this error code means? And how to repair? Also is there any "reset" method for this treadmill that might fix, or give me other options? Thanks for any help! Pete


  • Err Code 01 through 18 - (Button Error) Indicates the keyboard membrane has a stuck key. Do not hold down any key for more than 5 seconds or this error will appear.
    1. Insert the magnetic key back into the control panel and do not touch any keys, if the error occurs, replace the keyboard membrane.
    2. In very rare cases, a defective upper circuit board can cause this error and the circuit board will need to be replaced.
  • Thanks so much for the quick reply. Wow, I replaced that membrane about 4 years ago. Hard to believe it just failed again... Wish I could repair this one...
    - Pacemaster charged an arm and a leg the last time.
    - Now to look for a source to find one. Does anyone still make parts for Pacemaster Treadmills?
  • No those parts are no longer available.
  • Very Strange, but good news. Yesterday I was about to start taking the treadmill appart to clean all the electrical cable/sensor contacts... But before that i decided to try plugging in the machaine again. And this time, the normal weight/age display lit up! Tested and seems to be working normal. Now, I'm thinking that some sweat/moisture may have gotten behind the Display/Membrain. So will add a coating or silicone caulk around the edge of the membrane here it meets the hard plastic case of the treadmill. Anyway, hoping it will last a few more years!
  • Good luck
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