Brushes for LifeSpan TR1200

Hey! I recently got a lifespan treadmill donated to my classroom. After a couple months, the motor developed a clicking sound in the motor. I removed the cover and confirmed. I found a youtube vid with the same sound, where a guy said he was able to get rid of the sound by removing the brushes, cleaning them, and blowing out the inside. I did that, and I was amazed that it worked...

However, I did manage to chip one of the brushes. The motor seems to make more noise now? Not clicking, I thought -- no big deal, I'll just replace the brushes to be safe.

Except finding brushes for these things seems impossible. Lifespan doesn't sell them, and the local treadmill repair guys said that if Lifespan doesn't have them, they wouldn't be able to get them.

They look pretty simple, and look like they are made to be replaced easily. Does anyone have any ideas for finding replacement carbon brushes?


  • Sometimes you can find them at a sears hardware store or try a electric motor shop the rebuilds electric motors
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