Smooth Fitness error code

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does anyone have any info on Smooth Fitness 6.45 code ERR2 replaced control board want to clear code


  • 1. Turn On the treadmill
    2. Pull out the Safety key
    3. Press STOP, INCLINE UP and INCLINE DOWN buttons simultaneously while
    inserting the SAFETY KEY.
    4. Dot matrix display will read E-“x” ( x is the numerical software version). Time
    window reads 1
    5. Press the INCLINE UP button until time window reads 2.
    6. Press the START button. Age window reads 0 the treadmill base will lower to the
    lowest level.
    7. Press the ICLINE DOWN button until the motor stops.
    8. Fold the treadmill if the treadmill locking mechanism locks go to step 10
    9. If the folding latch does not lock press the INCLINE UP button until the latch
    10. Unfold treadmill
    11. Press the STOP button. The age window will read 15 and the treadmill base will
    incline up.
    12. Once the incline motor has stopped press the INCLINE UP button until the
    treadmill is at its highest level and will not incline any further.
    13. Press the STOP button
    14. Calibration is now complete RESET treadmill by removing the safety key.
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