Does my belt needs replacement?


I have a DKN Roadrun from 2012.

At periods it has been used 3x times per week, but in the last year it has not been used at all.
It always worked perfectly and I wanted to start using it again, however I ran into some problems.

I was hoping on your support to identify if the belt has worn out or not.
I've read multiple articles on the topic already but cannot make a conclusion myself.

The belt looks a little decolored on the edges, and on the inside of the belt it has like little "hairs",
however, I'm not sure if these signals are sufficient. Could you please take a look at the attached pictures ?

The reason I ask is because when I walk/run on it has intermittent stops,
whenever the belt gets stuck between my foot and the board.
Normally this is a sign for lubrication, however, I have used so much silicon already that I start the doubt if any amount would be sufficient ?

Also the tension of the belt is very tight, maybe even to tight, but losen it would only make this problem worse.

Can anyone provide some guidance?

Thank you in advance.

Best Regards,


  • The belt look fine, make sure when you lube the belt ,you apply lube under the belt onto the deck surface closes to the middle of the surface as you can. Also you can do a test and see if the drive belt is slipping or pulley has broken loose on front roller.sending over attachments so you can look at them.
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    Thanks for the additional information.
    I checked both documents and I tend to agree that the belt seems to be ok.

    I've attached a video of what happens when I run on the treadmill,
    it looks the front roller and motor also stops or gets interrupted.
    I guess that means it could be the controller or a motor problem ?
    Could a too tight belt also cause this?

    Could you please check the video and guide me with further steps to exclude either the motor or controller as faulty item ?

    Thank you in advance for your support.

    Best Regards,
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