Sole S77 2010 - Power button doesn't light up the when turned on

Self assembled the 2010 Sole s77 in 2010. Took care of it that is lubrication and all.
For the past one year or so if not more had it on a surge protector and it worked fine till the last month.
Power button would turn on but the Console would not light up. Spoke to the tech and he said to stop using the surge protector and upon doing so worked fine for over 2 weeks.
But during these 2 weeks the power button would be like whimisical as it would come on at first attempt and times it would take more than two attempts to turn it on (red button would light on the on position). Now it does not come on at all despite trying it several times. The attempts included depressing the in-built trip button and now that does not even light up the power switch.
Solutions desired:
Any suggestion for diagnostics from the experienced?


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