Proform Perfomance 950 tripping breaker

Hi, I have a Proform Performance 950. It got rain on it, so i let it dry out for a week or so before starting it. When i turned it on, all was normal until the motor started then it threw the circuit breaker on the machine. I have pulled the cover off and ensured everything is dry. i have ran the motor from an 18volt drill battery and it works fine. but every time i turn it on or reset the treadmill it starts as normal until the motor starts up, it will only last a second and trips the breaker. Do i need a new circuit board (controller) or is there a cheap fix? Thanks


  • You need a new Motor controller.
  • Can you provide more info please
  • I would need your complete model number of your unit to get a exact price for part. But the motor controller is down under the hood next to your drive motor and that is the component that allows your drive motor to run.
  • Model number is PETL99711.0
  • The price on that motor controller is $245.99 plus $6.99 shipping.
    contact me at 888-362-1105 ext 331 to order
  • i am in australia, can you give me an email address or site to order from. Is this motor controller the full board? can you show me a picture of it?
  • Description Part # Model # Unit Price Subtotal

    CONTROLLER 311164 PETL997110 $237.54 $237.54

    Is this correct, it is the Controller(Circuit board) not Motor controller?
    Sorry for all the questions
  • Its a motor controller which is located down by the drive motor.
  • There is no controller near the motor. The controller is on the opposite site to the motor, i am assuming you are referring to part number 72 on this image. I dont want to order the wrong part. Thanks

  • That is the correct part, If you like to order please call into 888-362-1105 ext 331 just ask for Jim.
  • I am trying to order the part, but it seems your site does not send to Australia?
  • To order please call 888-362-1105 ext 331 ask for jim
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