Pro Form 380

We have a Pro form 380 treadmill. It is about 20 years old BUT not used that much.
We used it last night, then today I moved it so I could place a rubber mat on the floor
then placed the treadmill on the mat. When we went to use it tonight, we placed the safety key in and there was no power to the control panel. I know there is power to the unit because the incline / decline buttons work. No lights on at all on the panel and the ON button is dead. Need help.
I followed the intructions in the owners manual regarding problems / troubleshooting -- ( display console does not function )
I removed the Hood and aligned the Magnet with the Reed Switch and still nothing.
Can you help me ?


  • Console does not use battery's does it? if not check on the connections at the motor controller and up at the console, what is your complete model number should start out may with a PFTL or 831.
  • Model PFTL4902, no battery's for the console. I checked all the connections they all look intact.
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