Noisy Reebok i-run 3.0

Hi 1st post here I Purchased a Reebok i-run 3.0 at the beginning of the month brand new from a company over here in the uk called sports direct. I went for the Reebok for its small size and will only be used to do fast walking on maybe jogging. Anyway it came out the box making a loud buzzing as you step on it I have contacted SD many times but they will not answer any communications. But the Reebok repair company contacted me SD put them in touch with me. The repair company told me it sounded like the motor as it was 3days old I did not want a repair but they insisted it would have all the electronics replaced and be a new machine still. So the motor arrived and then the engineer who stripped it and found it was a small transformer that was making the motor buzz. He did not have one so by passed it with 2 wires and the motor was quiet he said it was a smoothing transformer and it would be fine to use now while they order a new one. So after 30minutes use the buzzing comes back slightly and the whole room stinks of burning like motor winding varnish so much it sets the fire alarm off. I have asked the repair company to replace the motor as I have it here when they refit the transformer but they are now saying it will only be fitted if the engineer thinks it needs it. The machine seems ok when cold could the motor have been at fault from the beginning and cause the transformer to fail or has the failed transformer damaged the motor? Here is a link to the original noise
And this is the noise now after 30 minutes of use

Thanks Mike


  • By passing the transformer most likely cause a problem with the drive motor.
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