Sole F83 LS1 low speed error

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Long story short as possible: Treadmill worked, moved it using a truck, set up in new location, lubed and adjusted belt (front roller and rear). Was working before moving, even when installed in new location belt just needed adjusted. After adjusting the front roller I got the LS1 error and the belt won't move now. I've attempted to calibrate, but get the ls1 error there as well with no belt movement. Called Sole and they automatically said its the motor board. Before spending $250 on a new one for a 7 year old treadmill, is there anything else it could possibly be? I've got a solid green LED light on the board just left of center (on the roller side of the board) that stays lit, but no flashing light (speed sensor maybe?)

Thanks for any advice


  • Check all your connections, also you can test motor with a 12v or 18v battery to see if motor is good,just unplug wires going from motor to lower board and touch those leads to the battery . Motor should run at a slow steady speed,If motor runs then it could be a Motor controller and could been damage in the move some how.
  • Thanks. Tested with a battery and the motor did move the belt. When I do the calibration the incline motor is working, however the belt still doesn’t move. Not getting any blinking lights from the cadence sensor on the board when I move the belt, so figured I’d swap it out before dropping $ on a new board
  • It actually worked post move and just stopped when I adjusted the front roller
  • make sure speed sensor is adjusted correctly and plug in.
  • I’m waiting on a new sensor at the moment. I checked where it plugs in and actually held it as close as possible to the magnets while pushing the belt and still get no blinking led. Hoping the new sensor will fix.
  • This exact thing happened to me this weekend. I have the Sole TT8. I called them and they are sending me a new motor for free. The motor has a 30 year warranty on it. Now to install by myself..
  • Good luck
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