A bang noise

I have a Gold's Gym 430, only 6 months old and not used much. After I have been walking on it at 3 mph for about a minute -1.5, it makes a "bang" noise. Last time it was a double bang.


  • I would take the hood cover off see if you can see anything unusual. Also when unit is making a banging noise you can take some wd40 and spray a little right into the end of the front & rear roller where the shaft comes out to see if either one stops the banging noise. Sometimes spraying lube in will flushing out any dirt etc and allow unit to run normal for some time.
  • It will be impossible to do that while the banging is noise is happening, it is only one, and now just two "bang"s.
  • No,
    You can remove the hood cover to expose the front roller ends and the side rails to expose the rear roller ends, then take your wd-40 with the spray straw and spray a little in each side when the noise begins.
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